GripRac offers high quality, efficient racking solutions for photovoltaic systems.

With GripRac’s technology allowing for quicker and better installations, contractors and organizations around the country are getting more projects done in less time.  Everything from rails, clamps and roof attachments to belts, brackets and plates.  Whether on the roof or the ground, GripRac has the nest solution for you installation needs.

Product Benefits:

  • Complete roof attachment kits.
  • Integrated and simplified grounding for greater safety and lower labor cost.
  • Fast and precise installation with pre-assembled with minimum quantity of components.
  • Code compliant across the U.S. UL2703 and UL1703.
  • Class A fire rating with type 1, 2, & 3 solar modules.
  • Less penetration to the roof.
  • Hybrid racking solutions – ballasted and non ballasted system.

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