Savant Power, parent company of GE Lighting, is leading the way to a new frontier in power.

With an aging grid infrastructure, and increasingly outdated energy technologies, Savant Power provides modern technologies to usher in the future of energy. Savant Power’s Smart Electrical Panel allows you to control every circuit in your home or building, creating your own flexible microgrid, working with all of your energy efficiency technologies, creating energy independence insures your power integrity and saving you money!

Savant Power:

  • Monitor and Control every circuit and load in your home or building envelope.
  • Monitor Time-of-Use allowing you to avoid large grid usage during Peak Hours.
  • Customized Virtual Critical Load Panels work with your other efficiency measures to give you control and create one system to operate and manage.
  • Create schedules for loads based on Time of Day, Season or other Custom Triggers allowing you to create an energy budget that you can realize and adjust.
  • Easily create and switch between ENERGY MODES to maximize efficiency and savings.
  • Utilize the app, or from your desktop, to get real-time data and updates on your power usage.
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