Welcome to the future of parking! Orion Carport Systems and Construction provides turnkey, custom designed carport systems with galvanized steel.

Providing two parking spots under 18’ of space, Orion is prepared to usher in the new wave of parking. As electric vehicles become more prominent in our society, the needs of your visitors will look much different than today.

Orion Carport Systems and Construction:

  • Galvanized Steel insures a reliable and attractive structure.
  • Offering tilts of 0°, 5° and 10°, you can be sure to take advantage of solar to power your EV charging stations.
  • Protection from weather and sun damage.
  • Prefabricated designs save you money and time.
  • A 15 year limited warranty provides confidence in the structure and design of all projects.

With custom designs for any parking need or environment, stability and longevity, quick installation and all systems PV-Ready for installation, you can easily provide protection and power to your guests!

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